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The Firm

SDG & Partners is a boutique international law firm that stands out for the specific expertise in Italian law providing assistance to companies and individuals in the management of their assets.

The firm’s members boast strong experience both in Civil and International Litigation, domestic and International Commercial Arbitration, and International contracts. They regularly work in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Polish. They are admitted to the Italian and Spanish bars, and practise also in the Dominican Republic.

The firm has offices in Milan, Bozen, Warsaw, La Romana.



Our professionals are each experts in particular fields of international and civil law. Their expertise is complementary and this characteristic has allowed us to provide the client with a very high level of legal services tailored on their specific needs.

The firm provides its clients with top level legal services. The secret of our success? Two simple rules: 1. detailed knowledge of the sector in which our clients operate and 2. offering our clients the high level of competence and experience of the firm’s members. Each of them have graduated from top law schools and with specific skills in different legal areas. Our added value stems from our experience in many complex and high value cases handled both in civil and common law, dealing with domestic and international issues. Thanks to such experience, the firm’s members have represented clients both before Italian and European courts as well as before arbitral tribunals of high importance such as the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).


We are a team of lawyers, professionals and accountants, who work with passion and the unique objective of obtaining the best result within our power.


The firm shares its thoughts with the client both in choosing the legal strategy and in the fees to charge for the legal services rendered. Our clients can be confident with us, because they know that the firm will give them the best service step by step until the resolution of their case.
We fight to obtain the best possible result.

Tailor made

Our clients deserve the best legal services tailored to their needs.


Litigation and Arbitration

The firm assists its Italian and international clients in all kind of disputes, both domestic and international, thanks to its members’ specific competence in civil, commercial, corporate,banking and finance, construction, intellectual property, real estate, insolvency and sports law. Every single member of the firm combines their Labour and Administrative Law skills with specific competence in these different practice areas.

Some of the firm’s professionals possess decades of significant, internationally recognized experience, both in litigation and in international and domestic commercial arbitration.

In particular, the firm’s members have consolidated their experience as legal counsel in arbitration proceedings, as sole arbitrators, and as members of arbitral tribunals before the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, International Chamber of Commerce of Paris (ICC), and Arbitration London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) .

The firm also provides assistance in debt collection and injunctions in Italy and abroad as well as in related litigation proceedings.

Thanks to their competence and broad international network all around the world, the firm represents its clients in international litigation proceedings and in the enforcement of Italian judgments abroad as well as foreign judgments in Italy. The firm also provides assistance in the enforcement of arbitration awards in the signatory countries of the New York Convention of 1958.

The modus operandi of the firm is characterized by in-depth analysis of a case along with careful result-oriented case management.

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Compliance with D.lgs. 231/01

With legal studies and experience earned in the USA, the firm’s members are familiar with issues of legal compliance. Nowadays the firm’s members link their past experience with Italian practice in accordance with Legislative Decree n° 231/01.

The firm’s professionals have consolidated much important experience in the compliance field, beginning with the drafting of a multinational corporation and leader in the IT market under the 231/01 model and consequently, its development, and many others. The firm offers complete assistance in order to achieve compliance with D. Lgs 231/01.

in particular, through these services:

  • risk analysis;
  • internal audit;
  • drafting 231/01 model control procedures and reports;
  • ethical code editing;
  • acting as members of an auditing body.

Banking and Finance

The firm deals with all matters that may arise between banks and other financial institutions and their customers.
The firm is particularly experienced in the following areas:

  • litigation relating to banking services (overdraft facilities, bank and savings accounts, guarantees, loans and other forms of finance, termination of bank relationships);
  • litigation between financial intermediaries and customers relating to investment services (default of bonds, mismanagement, derivatives);
  • litigation relating to embezzlement of funds by finance promoters entrusted to finance intermediaries;
  • advise and assistance on any matters relating to banking and finance relationships;
  • advice, assistance and defence relating to proceedings brought by Consob and Banca d’Italia.

Information Technology and Privacy

The firm assists its clients in the privacy and data protection sectors, offering complete service relating to:

  • privacy audits according to Legislative Decree 196/2003 on personal data protection;
  • privacy policies;
  • cross-border data transfer agreements to countries outside the European Economic Area;
  • privacy litigation with the Data Protection Authority;
  • drafting of agreements and clauses relating to data protection;
  • data processing agreements;
  • privacy impact/risk assessments.
The firm also provides services in information technology law, in particular as to domain names, websites, multimedia products, online services and software. The important development of related data protection laws and regulations has led some members of the firm to deepen their relevant knowledge so as to be able to properly assist their clients operating in the internet sector.

Family law

The firm has consolidated specific competencies in the sector of international family law in Europe, the USA and South America. The firm handles matters of Italian family law and international family law, in litigation proceedings before courts of competent jurisdiction.
In particular the firm assists its clients in cases of:

  • mixed marriages;
  • separation;
  • fast divorce procedures;
  • annulment;
  • distribution of marital property;
  • sottrazione internazionale di minori;
  • custody;
  • maintenance;
  • child support;
  • international abduction of minors;
  • international adoption;
  • Italian and international succession law;
  • transfer of estates of Italian and/or foreign decedents with assets in Italy and all around the world.
The firm also provides assistance in drafting separation agreements. The firm utilizes a team of psychologists specializing in the family sector.

Insolvency and restructuring

The firm assists clients in insolvency proceedings and all transactions related to insolvency, restructuring issues and default management.

In particular, offering these legal services:

  • claw-back actions;
  • actions for damages;
  • disputes relating to insolvent companies’ directors’ duties and actions for civil damages within criminal insolvency proceedings;
  • bankruptcy procedures;
  • liquidation;
  • extraordinary administration and agreements with creditors.

Real Estate

The firm offers legal services in all matters related to real estate, in the hotel and tourism sector, both domestically and internationally, with regard to transactions as well as to litigation.

Some of our professionals have developed considerable experience in assisting Italian and foreign operators and investors in real estate transactions, by drafting, revising and negotiating purchase and lease agreements relating to properties and business branches and handling all related legal issues that may arise.

Moreover, some members of the firm possess consolidated experience in international private and public tenders, particularly with regard to the construction and oil & gas industries.

IP and Copyright Law

The firm offers services in relation to:

  • italian, EU and international registration of trademarks and designs, with extension to all countries party to the Madrid Convention and Madrid Protocol;
  • international trademark monitoring;
  • agreements relating to trademarks, designs, patents and utility models;
  • trademarks, designs, patents and utility models litigation;
  • copyright registration for software at the Italian SIAE and at the U.S. Copyright Office;
  • agreements relating to copyright;
  • copyright litigation;
  • unfair competition litigation.

Competition Law

The firm provides advice and assistance in the area of unfair competition, i.e. those acts that violate the principles of professional fairness, such as parasitic conducts, that may harm another business.

Moreover, our firm advises and assists its clients in relation to various aspects of competition law, also known as antitrust law, with a particular focus on the implications that such area of law may have on commercial contracts.

International Contracts

The firm offers clients complete assistance in drafting and negotiating international commercial contracts in Italy and abroad.

The firm is usually involved in drafting and negotiating international contracts governed by different laws both of common and civil law systems, also thanks to its cooperation with local lawyers in Europe, Asia, the USA and Latin America which are part of a network that the firm’s members have built and consolidated over more than three decades.

The firm assists foreign companies and investors in the following:

  • drafting and negotiating general and special terms and conditions of supply;
  • joint ventures;
  • distribution and sales agency agreements;
  • company registration and dissolution and acquisition of foreign companies;
  • international bank guarantees and letters of credit;
  • license agreements;
  • international private and public tender and related agreements (consortium agreements, memorandum of understanding, non-disclosure agreements, consultancy agreements).

Company Internationalization

The firm operates in the field of company internationalization by offering clients investment and growth opportunities abroad since the domestic market is already saturated in an economic context of credit crunch.
The firm has entered into important partnerships with local and international operators in order to promote and support international business initiatives.

The firm provides special assistance in:

  • Drafting international contracts;
  • Financial plans connected to business activities carried out abroad;
  • Tax, EU and international matters;
  • Conducting market research;
  • Identification of target markets and in the study of competitors and local clients.
Furthermore, the firm also supports companies in accessing credit lines and in obtaining funds offered by regional, national and EU regulations, especially in the countries of eastern Europe.

Corporate – M&A

The firm assists clients with top quality integrated assistance both legal and fiscal thanks to a team of advisors with which it cooperates.
Thanks to domestic and international multidisciplinary experience, the firm is able to offer assistance in structuring and implementing M&A operations that require complex planning and assessment, both in Italy and abroad and in particular in:

  • mergers, spin-offs and liquidations, and takeovers;
  • leveraged buy out;
  • company liquidation and restructuring;
  • finance agreements and creation of security packages and collaterals;
  • legal and tax due diligence;
  • cassistance in claims relative to financial statements, shareholder’s meetings, directors’ liability;
  • protection of minority shareholders;
  • actions pursuant to art. 2409 of the Italian Civil Code;
  • drafting documents for company registration and management, articles of association, bylaws, and non-disclosure agreements;
  • joint venture agreements;
  • amendments to bylaws.


The firm is particularly active in the field of international taxation, thanks to its cooperation with trusted external consultants which have specific knowledge of Swiss and international taxation laws, and which operate in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland).

The firm provides assistance both in domestic and cross-border tax optimization plans to small and medium Italian and foreign enterprises, offering assistance also to Italian companies in Italy in the following services: tax strategy evelopment, income stream optimization, holding company optimization.

The firm also assists clients in tax litigation cases and pre-judicial tax settlements, representing companies as well as Italian and foreign individuals before the competent tax court in Italy and in European Communion countries.

The firm provides assistance with tax optimization for individual estate planning.

Trust and estates

The firm’s professionals provide legal services both in the trust institution phase and during the execution of the trust both in the interests of companies and individuals which intend to use these instruments in order to manage their assets.

Labour and Administrative Law

The firm provides legal services in Labour and Administrative Law.
In particular for labour law issues some of the legal services rendered by the firm include the following:

  • individual and collective employee lay-offs and dismissals;
  • representing employers in labour disputes before all competent courts and arbitration tribunals;
  • compulsory hiring of disabled individuals;
  • consultancy in labor law implications linked to the start-up of business activities in Italy and abroad.
In addition, for administrative law issues, the legal services provided include the following:
  • tender and public contracts;
  • consultancy in city planning and land development matters;
  • environmental law;
  • cultural objects and landscapes.

Criminal Law

Ever since its founding, the firm has been specializing in criminal law with a specific emphasis on white-collar crimes. Our lawyers defend in particular professionals, corporate bodies and companies in relation to business crimes, including workplace health and safety crimes, financial and tax crimes and so called crimes against the public administration. The firm has also a particular experience in proceedings concerning so called administrative liability of entities (corporate liability) pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.


SDG & Partners is made up of a team of professionals whose high level competencies are complementary, with the purpose of offering top quality legal services.